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How to Create a Huge impact on Instagram


The 5 rules that will help you succeed on the platform:

It’s important to understand that astigrams are constantly being renewed, and most importantly, stay updated! I will try to clarify what is most important from my point of view

As you know, Instagram is currently the most hot platform in the market, and it is very important to know how to use it


  1. Personality – If you are a business or a private person who just wants to be a realist – you have to develop a personality in Instagram – that people will know you according to a particular course of action, if you want to succeed big you will have to surprise them every time anew, whether it’s in the story or in the feed itself,Don’t just post photos randomly

2.Consistency – You must maintain a situation where you give your followers what they want and consistently, at the end of your success depends on your consistency and therefore this tip is extremely important, it is also important to keep the same person who manages the page (if this is a business page) Will help your followers not get confused\

3.Engagement– This has a lot of opinions, how to really get more likes follow and views it can be obtained organically and in other languages, and also the method of doing like and follow random to other accounts … On this subject I would advise you to consult and help the services of experts in the field It is best to get maximum results. In the end, the organic methods are good and working – but it’s a big shame – you’ll waste a lot of time and have no effect like other smart strategies

  1. Niche focus– Who are you trying to target? And what is your target audience? These are questions that you will have to ask yourself whether you are a private account that wants to be viral and certainly if you are a brand that is looking for new customers, focusing on a specific target audience will lead you to hit your goals . You’ll have to ask yourself

Where is my target audience? And what is he looking for? Where is it most demographically located?  you need to maximize user interest by honing in on a niche.

5.1. Post at the right time. Before you post your photo to Instagram, there are two things to keep in mind: your audience’s time zone and what time they’re most often checking Instagram. Most Instagram users login in the morning, and in the evening, on their way home from work or school. According to analytics company Simply Measured, the best time to post on Instagram is on Wednesdays between 5:00 pm and 6:00 pm.

I’ll give you one final tip – people did it before you became viral with Instagram starting from 0, you can do it too. The most important thing is that you believe it is possible, consult with experts in the field, and thus you can reach the results that they have achieved



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